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Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXV

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(Just because I have a significant lack of places to voice my inane comments—)

What the heck made someone decide to turn Parasyte (Kiseiju) into an anime and pair of movies now? It’s been literally 19 years, you guys.

[[I need roommates so I have someone to casually talk to about these things. Otherwise I just end up on here talking to no one in paraticular.]]


Okay, fine

Let’s see what this whole Marble Hornets thing is about

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…real life big brother Jensen Ackles and his little brother Jared Padalecki…

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queersamweek: day 6: Sam is a ruthless serial killer:
↳ Sam Winchester appears to be a very kind, very sincere person looking for a no-strings attached night of fun, but his victims don’t know that’s not the only thing he’s interested in doing.

Black hole sun,
Won’t you come
And wash away the rain? [x]

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SPN/Mordern!Merlin crossover.

- You know me?
- I knew your 4-year-old self. But your hair looks longer.

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