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I miss when Doctor Who just had a bunch of one-off episodes that were cute and cheesy. I miss when the story arch was subtly added in so that the climax of the season was so much cooler. I miss when the plot twists weren’t shoved in our faces all the time. I miss when there was actual continuity. I miss when the companions were relatable and seemingly ordinary people who became extraordinary. I miss that Doctor Who. 

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It’s hot.

I’ve spent the entire day sitting through “required” loan repayment tutorials and finding out exactly to whom I owe my firstborn child  my loans and how to pay them back. I owe $23,000. I don’t even know how this happens.

I left my driver’s license back at home, 100 miles away.

Worst of all, I found yet another unused Border’s gift card while tearing my room apart looking for my driver’s license.

I have no food here, and I’ve been smelling someone cooking food all day. Right now it smells like ramen.

(However, after dealing with all this loan stuff, I have half a mind to starve myself just because it’ll save money.)

I left all my new anime back at home on my mom’s hard drive, and streaming anything here is a futile effort.

Okay, I’m done complaining.


It’s been a couple of sad/disappointing past few days. Actually, no, it’s mostly all today. First off, winter holiday comes to an end. I don’t have class, but there’s a significant lack of “awesome I can do whatever I want and not feel guilty” sentiment. And iTunes mocked me by putting on my Christmas music intermittently. Secondly, I watched that depressing/bittersweet Japanese short film about a girl and her dog and I was just reminded of my own late canine friend. Third, I can’t find my fountain pens. Fourth, I realized my bank had been charging me fees that weren’t supposed to be charged. Fifth, I beat Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, and that was a bit of a sad ending.

Sixth—and this is the worst—I was digging through my boxes looking for aforementioned fountain pens, and I found something that was like uncovering a picture of a recently deceased relative. Regret for missed opportunities, an aching for their presence…yep, all of it.

I found my friend’s birthday gift to me from a year or two ago.

It’s a $25 gift card to Borders.

This is like life slapping me in the face, pointing and laughing as I fall down from the shock of its appalling and sudden rudeness.

I still can’t find my fountain pens.



(Why the heck did I decide to run a club this year? Of all years to be noble and take responsibility, this year just haaaad to be it, didn’t it…)


Depressing to think that the sky is going to be light in about three hours, and the sun will be up in about 4 hours.

The downfall of living in the top of the northern hemisphere.